Thursday, September 11, 2008

A View of My Back Yard

Here's a view of the wadi that runs along the perimeter of the compound in which I live. Here in Riyadh, lots of people live in compounds, which are pretty much like gated communities. Within the walls of compounds, people enjoy a little more freedom than they would if they just lived in the regular neighborhoods of Riyadh. For instance, women can walk around (or even run) without wearing abayas, although driving by women is still not allowed anywhere.
My compound is called the "DQ" Which, instead of "Dairy Queen" stands for "Diplomatic Quarter." This is where the embassies are located, and where most of the diplomats live. There are housing complexes here for westerners who work in hospitals. Some foreign companies also rent housing for their employees here.
This view doesn't really show you much of the wadi, which is a deep valley in the floor of the desert. It's pretty wide at this point too, and the floor is covered by palms. There's a huge palace complex belonging to one of the princes, too.

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