Monday, July 07, 2008

Frog Heaven

This place is some kind of frog capital. Every morning I fish about a dozen frogs and toads out of our swimming pool. The all-time record haul was just a few days ago; I removed 42. This little tree frog is one of two that seems to have found a home in our pool-side umbrella.


Anonymous said...

There is a little frog lover, living with me...I have some cute pictures of her..I know when she awakens she will love seeing "FROG HEAVEN".

Alysha loves hearing stories about her Uncle Steven...Her favorites are about the snakes and John Wilson Killson..Last night she was bugging me to tell her those stories again..She thinks you are quite wonderfully funny...SMILES, MOTHERLING

Anonymous said...

I guess it's better than having an abundance of hedgehogs!