Friday, June 22, 2007


Yes, it's a hillside. I guess I'm running short on snappy titles.


Cricket said...

You could always name it Dinosaur after the cloud formation. heh

Enjoy your work.

Steve said...

. . . How about 'Earth that obstucts my view of the alien spaceship', or 'The bumps that symbolize my path in life, but actually look like the ones on my head', or 'Banana' . . . ok, ok, so that last one may be a . . . little . . . abstract.

(BTW, I am fine. Out of work at the moment but hanging in there)

Steve said...

oops . . . signed, Ghecko (for the above post)

Steven Givler said...

Wait, wait! You're going too fast. I have to write these down for future use.

Do you still have a house full of tenants?

We're here until December. When are you coming to visit again?

Steve said...

As soon as I am unemployed and can't afford it . . . wait, that's now, oh, darn. It all depends on my financial situation and whether I get a job soon or not.

I had to put down my cat (failing liver). . . and my roomate(failing rent payment). My dogs are up at my Fathers so I'm here by myself. sigh.

I'll try calling soon if you may be available. You military types are ALWAYS working. ick.