Thursday, November 09, 2006

The D.C. Press - All About Itself

The press's first question after the President's announcement of Rumsfeld's resignation concerned itself, not with the Iraq policy, or military transformation, or whether Gates will continue with Rumsfeld's drawdown of U.S. forces. Instead, it covered a much more important topic.

"Why didn't tell the press what you were going to do?"

And that's the Washington press corps for you in a nutshell (And a nutshell is pretty much where they belong.) The larger issues fall by the wayside when the press feels it has been slighted or duped. The press corps is more interested in its own image on the flickering screen than in the things that really matter.

I wish the President's response had been more along the lines of, "You didn't need to know, couldn't be trusted to be told, and wouldn't have known what to make of the information even if I had told you."

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