Monday, November 20, 2006

Angle of Attack

As my buddy Keith will tell you, one of the hardest things about painting is resuming work on a project that, for whatever reason, you've set aside for a reasonable length of time.

And so it's been with this painting of an F-18 over Iraq. You can see from my archives that I began it quite some time ago, and had to put it aside for a while. This weekend I finally got back at it though, and now you can see the result.

By the way, this has been a great couple days for selling paintings. "Fort Ord," which is one of my larger landscapes, sold on Friday - the original as well as a full-size print. I also heard from a serious potential buyer of another largish landscape (I hope I don't jinx the sale by mentioning it.) and talked to two people who are considering commissioning me to paint for them.


Keith Miller said... least you finish your products, Steven. I, on the other hand, squeak out one far too seldom... Oh, and I write this also to officially inform you that you've been drafted. Report to the U.S. Senate really doesn't matter which office you move into...whichever you choose will mark a good start.

Steven Givler said...

NO! That's it; we're moving to Canada...

Ghecko said...

Sigh, I can't get anyone to draft me anymore. Can I lie about my age and say I'm younger than I am?

Steven Givler said...

Ha! They know who you are.

Ghecko, DLI is very strange 20 years later. All these kids running around - were we that young when we were here?