Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Book News!

Well, not my book. Having fired the publishers who had originally asked to publish it, and having met an agent who seemed interested while I was in D.C. for the release/signing party for Operation Homecoming (See "Call me Al" in the September Archives.) I'm hoping to put the matter in her (the agent's) capable hands. That means somewhat less work for me, but roughly the same amount of anxious waiting. Oh well.

But as I said, this book news isn't about my book. It's about the latest book by Cormac McCarthy, who is one of my favorite authors. Can't wait to read it. McCarthy isn't a cheerful writer. In fact, his books are dark, and the people in them frequently meet with violent ends. The thing is, before they do, McCarthy manages to make you care about them. Well, some of them. Others, he makes you not so much care about them, as unable to take your eyes off them.

He does this with some of the best-written dialogue I've ever read. His stories, at least so far, have centered around an area that is close to my heart, the arid, lonely reaches of south and west Texas. People in these places are not, in general, given to waste, and their frugality applies to their words. McCarthy's dialogues are practically terse. His people speak as if they are afraid that using too many words will give away too much of themselves.

Have you noticed that the people who speak least are usually the ones most worth listening to? McCarthy has, and he uses that knowledge to good effect.

Well I hadn't intended to write a literary review. Just wanted to say I'm in a very pleasant state of anticipation, waiting for The Road.

In the mean time, I'm getting a lot of painting done. I'm currently working on a large one - larger than I've ever done before - and it's taking a little longer than usual, but I'll post a photo of it soon.

I'm also doing some work on our little camper, which you can see above, getting it ready for a family road trip this weekend. We haven't had it out of the yard (much to our neighbors' disgust) since we towed in here in our cross-country move last year. Frankly, it's taken me a year to recover from that death march. A road trip with the four of us has its own inherent challenges, but add two unhappy cats, two large, mentally deficient dogs, and two spectacular blowouts, and you begin to see how we haven't exactly been sighing wistfully every time we walked outside and saw the camper.

Until now. We're off to Lake San Antonio for our first-ever Airstream rally, and we're all looking forward to it.


Ghecko said...

HEY! If you stop in Tucson on your way, give me a call! I'll take you to lunch!

Steven Givler said...

We definitely would, but that would be a heck of a detour. The campground we're heading for is only about 100 miles from us. Thanks for the offer though. I'll take a rain check.

Ghecko said...

oh, I thought you said Texas . . . sorry, my bad.

Ghecko said...

ohhh, you said 'Lake San Antonio', I was thinking Texas. sigh.