Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Work in Progress

I'm half-way done with my last final for this quarter. It's a paper on US-Israel policy during 1973. I know it sounds like a real page-turner, but take it from me- Yawn

So nobody will blame me if I take a break and do some painting, right? Here's what I did tonight. Now, at least, nobody can say I got nothing done. I have to say that, even unfinished, it's looking better than my paper.

Time for true confessions: I have a recurring fantasy of being confronted by a beautiful woman who asks me to paint her in the nude.

What do I say?

At least let me wear a sock to hold my brushes.

I can't take credit for that. I want to say that Groucho Marx said it, but it seems kind of racy, even for him. Then again, he did say, "Women should be obscene, and not heard," so maybe that isn't too racy for him.


Jordan said...

Someone who cites Groucho, I love it!
I know the Marx Bros were Marxist in more ways than just the name, but I loved them and you never hear much of them these days.
Beautiful paintings by the way.

Steven Givler said...

Thanks Jordan. The Marx brothers were great, weren't they? I loved Groucho's game show "You Bet Your Life" too.

I think you're my first-ever commenter.