Saturday, March 25, 2006

In Media Res

It's probably bad form to show a work before it's finished, but I've never been one to conform. Here's a painting I just started this evening. It's another large one; the image is 18 X 12.5 inches. I got a lot done tonight, but there's plenty left to do. Lots of new growth on the ends of the branches, which is a completely different color, and lots of Spanish moss too. The challenge will be to do all that detail work in a little looser style than I'm accustomed to. I want to give the impression of thousands of new twigs and clouds of Spanish moss, without actually detailing every single one.

I spent some time in galleries today, looking for an outlet for my local landscapes (You can see other paintings of mine at Ocmulgee Arts in Macon, GA and Parchman Stremmel Galleries in San Antonio, TX.) and looking at all the Old California Painters I could find. I saw three Percy Gray watercolors I'd never seen before, and that alone was worth the time.

If you have a moment, visit this site
and have a look at the work of Percy Gray (1869-1952). Beautiful, beautiful paintings. They make me want to drop everything and grab my brushes and not eat or sleep until I can do what he did.

As long as I'm making suggestions, google Frank Reaugh and take a look at his work. His was the first work that ever really spoke to me and told me that one day I would be a painter. He used to go out with cowboys on cattle drives. Because of the constant wind of west Texas and the difficult traveling conditions, he worked very small. Somehow though, he managed to pack incredible vistas into his tiny oil pastels.

That's it for now; hopefully I'll have this painting finished and posted tomorrow.

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